By Sunil Bhardwaj


#Flame PhotometryAtomic Absorption Spectrometer
1Atoms absorb the thermal energy and are excited, these excited atoms return to ground state with the emission of radiations.The atoms which are present unexcited in the ground state absorb the radiations.
2Intensity of emitted radiations is measured.Intensity of absorbed radiations is measured.
3Intensity of emission depends on no. of atoms excited.Intensity of absorption depend on the no. of atoms unexcited present in the ground state.
4It depends on the temp. of the flame.It is Independent of the flame temp.
5No separate source of radiations is needed.The separate source of radiations is required.
6Interference of spectral lines takes place.No interference of spectral lines take place.
7Beer-Lambert’s Law is not applicable.Beer-Lambert’s Law is strictly applicable.
8It is less expensive.It is more expensive.

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