By Sunil Bhardwaj


1. The studies of phosphorescence phenomenon are, more complicated, than Fluorescence.

2. Phosphorimetry has limited applications while Fluorescence has very large applications.

3. Phosphorimetry studies are done at low temperatures which are -196°C where as Fluorescence measurements are done at room temperature.

4. Phosphotimetry is more sensitive than Fluorimetry because phosphorimetry is done at low temperature the scattering of light is less at low temperature. So sensitivity is more.

5. In case of complex samples phosphorimetry is more selective than fluorimetry.

6. In phosphorimetry the re-emission of light take place after certain time While in Fluorimetry re-emission of light is instantaneous.

7. Phosphorimeters are only one type while Fluorimeters are of the two type i) Single beam and ii) double beam.

8. Phosphorimeters are more costly than Fluorimeters.

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