By Sunil Bhardwaj



1. Monovalent, bivalent and trivalent ions can be reduced on the surface of D.M.E. so can be analyzed.

2. Mixture of the metallic ions can be analyzed, as the halfwave potential is the characteristics.

3. The amount of Cu, Cr, Ni, V, Mo, Pb etc present in the steel sample can be determined by Polarography.

4. The amount of titanium (Ti) present in the Al alloy can be detected and estimated.

5. Those organic compounds which possess reducible functional group can be analyzed e.g. -CHO; N=O; halogen; N=N etc.

6. The amount of dissolved oxygen present in the electrolyte can be determined, if the N2 gas is not passed through the electrolyte.

7. Insecticides, pesticides, fungicide and antibiotics can be analyzed.

8. Polarography is used in bio chemistry, in the study of respiration of green algae and photo synthesis.

9. The technique is used for checking, the purity of Honey and Sugar.


1. The technique is used in organic industries, environment, pharmacy, biochemistry, food industries, medicines, etc.

2. Supporting electrolyte must be pure and of high conc.

3. Hg must be of extra ordinary pure form.

4. N2 gas must not contain any of reducible species.

5. The pH of the solution must be controlled

6. The maxima (Hump) must be suppressed.

7. The electrolyte must not be stirred.

8. The experimental electrolyte must be at constant temp.

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