By Sunil Bhardwaj


In choosing a proper solvent for solvent extractions, the following factors must be taken into consideration.

1. The solvent selected should be such that, the solubility of the solute to be extracted is more. This means seperation factor \((\beta)\) must be large.

2. The two phases used must be totally immiscible.

3. The solvent must not react chemically with the solute present in aqueous solution.

4. The solvent must be recoverable without much expenditure.

5. The density of the solvent must be different than aqueous phase it will help in quick settling of the two phases.

6. The solvent should not be toxic.

7. The solvent should be cheap.

8. The solvent should possess low inflammability.

9. The solvent should have low viscosity, low vapour pressure and low freezing point.

10. The solvent should be readily available.

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