By Sunil Bhardwaj


if you like my video please click on the like button and for more videos please subscribe to my channel on YouTube environmental legislation so these arethe laws which are given by the government of India for the for the protection of environment there are five different laws which are the Environment Protection Act a prevention and control of pollution Act forest conservation Act of water prevention and control of pollution Act and Wildlife Protection Act of so let's talk about the Wildlife Protection Act Wildlife Protection Act of defines the wildlife to include any bird or animal and aquatic or land vegetation from part of any habitat under this ad central government works with state government to regulate or prohibit the conservation conversionof forest in agricultural or urban land it protects against the natural hazards it maintains of it maintains the water supply in work out in water bodies present in the forest it also provides the protection of the lines of communication and transportation secondly water prevention and control ofPollution Act mean objective of this act is to prevent control andmaintenance of a restoration of wholesomeness of water provision of the Act has to be implemented by central , Pollution Control Board being the main agency and what are the functions it establishes standards of the water quality and effluents polluting industries must seek the permission to discharge the waste into affluent bodies forest conservation Act of itprovides it word for the protection and conservation of the forest under this act a state government may regulate or prohibit in any forest the clearing of the land for cultivation pasturing of cattle or clearing of vegetation for any of thefollowing purposes protection against natural hazards maintenance of watersupply in aquifer protection often linesof communication and transportationpreservation of Public Health and mandatory of land owner error prevention ,and control of pollution Act the ,main objective is to provide the ,prevention control an abatement of air pollution provision of the Act has to be implemented by central Pollution Control Board along with the State Board the function main functions for this act is to setting setting of the air quality standards collecting data on air pollution organizing training awareness programs establishing Laboratoriesspecify air pollution control areas and set standards for vehicle emissions penalties for violation of its provision applies to all the EnvironmentalProtection Environment Protection Act the main objective is to provide for the protection and conservation of the environment under the Act a centralgovernment may provide permission for various works related to theurbanization protection against natural hazards maintenance of water supply in aquifer protection of line complaincommunicate lines of communications andtransportation prevention of Public Health so these are the laws so what are the issues involved in the enforcement of the environmental laws this some of the issues which are mainly involved here and first is in literacy illiteracy that people don't even know about the laws so they not unaware about these ,laws secondly growing population growing population means growing demand and as the demand grows people need more land for the agriculture for industries for any kind of work thirdly ignorance ignorance means even they know the law but then also they are not bothered about these things next is the economic reasons for the economic growth people need more work more Capital and more resources and for this , also they are not obeying the laws and finally insufficiency of laws the laws are there but they are not sufficient for the whole crowd you