By Sunil Bhardwaj


if you like my video please click on the like button and for more videos please subscribe to my channel on YouTube ok now let's discuss about the environment two moments and in this case we have to study some of the cases which are Chipko movement silent valleys business of Rajasthan and role of individuals in conservation of natural resources so what is cheap government first of all government's decision to alert the forest trees to the sports goods company government has decided to give the forest to sports goods company and the local residents of gopai sure were denied and the similar demand of getting few trees required for making the farm tools mr. Chandra Prasad but of the soli gram wanted to establish small industries using forest resources with the aim to provide jobs opportunity to local news and check migrations so he is the journey present bird who is the founder of the Chipko movement he organizes recognized rallies to protect the forest and from mass destruction and this is Garuda V who was the head of the village Milliman dental she mobilised village woman for the moment main company meant mast to cut the trees this is sundarlal ba guna he is enlightened he enlightened the country and outward about the movement its success in environmental impact he took part in different rallies and gatherings highlighted the importance of trees in the life of human beings and he active and he was active in protests protecting the forest from auctions for commercial cuttings he was also the firm abortion winner for his contribution in the movement and the success of jukka moment the moment who has spread to many states in the country it stops falling the trees of the Western guards and wind gas generated pressure for formulation of the natural resources policy achieved a major victory in with a -year ban on green falling felling in the Himalayan forest more than one lakh trees have been saved from excavation started protest protecting forest slopes and restauration bare ones afterwards environmental awareness increased dramatically in India new methods of forest farming have been developed both to conserve the forest and create employment by over a million trees had been planted through their efforts villages paid special attention in care of the trees and forests trees are being used judicially next is Silent Valley Silent Valley is the place is the valley situated at the border of the Kerala and Tamil Nadu so it is it was a social movement aimed and the protection of the self ally and evergreen tropical forest in the follicle district of Kerala Silent Valley occupying an area of nine eight nine four zero actors at an altitude offeet in Palakkad district of Kerala it perhaps his perhaps the the only remaining undisturbed tropical rainforest in India in the the state government began planning a dam to generate hydroelectricity as the basis for original economic development it was stated started in to save the Silent Valley reserve forest in in from being flooded by a hydroelectric power project the government eventually abandoned the project in and the value was and declared as a Silent Valley National Park in Romulus Whitaker founder of the Madras sneaked part and the Madras crocodile Bank who was probably the first person to draw public attention to this small and remote areas in the Kerala Forest Research Institute carried out an ecological impact study of the Solyndra valley area and proposed that the area is decay rate can be area is declared a biosphere reservoir and what about the business of Rajasthan Bishnoi is a religion religious group found in the Western third deserts of India the desert overlaps area of Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan the name is derived from the base Beach and no that is followers of principles given by the Guru's embouchure guru jamesha gave the message to protect for trees and wildlife around five forty years ago perhaps in preventing that harming the environment means harming yourself he formulated tenets the tenants were not only tailored to conserve biosphere bio diversity of the area but also ensured a healthy eco friendly social life for the community these are the tenant rules given by the Guru Jarmusch were