By Sunil Bhardwaj


Dyes are defined as the coloured organic compounds which posses the properties of the adhering (structure) on the substrate. The dyes are mainly used for dyeing the textile apart from it there are some other uses of the dyes which are known as non-textile uses of the dyes. In non-textile uses of the dyes include - Leather, Paper, Foodstuff and Drugs, Cosmetics and Colour Photography

Foodstuff like sweets, confectionary, gems, jellies, butter, different types of the soft drinks, toffies, chock lets etc… are coloured to make them more attractive, long back when science was not developed some fruit juices, saffron, turmeric, chlorophyll etc.. were being used to develop the colour in the foodstuff. Now as the science and technology is developed we are started synthesising number of the cheap, safe and the different coloured compounds which are used for colouring of the food materials number of the drugs (tablets), capsules, syrups are also coloured to attract the patient. The dyes which are used for the foodstuff must posses the following characteristics.

1. They must be soluble in water, oil and/or alcohol.
2. For margarin and the butter it must be soluble in oil.
3. They must be stable to light and heat.
4. They must be non-toxic.
5. They must be harmless to living creatures.
6. They should not chemically react with flavouring material.
7. They should not chemically react with the preservatives.
8. They should not be attracted by micro-organisms.
9. They should not posses the toxic element.
10. They should be in highly pure form and should not contain heavy elements.
11. The colour must be satisfied by the food and drug authority of India (FDA)

Orange - I
Orange - I

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