By Sunil Bhardwaj


1. Electrode potential: The tendency of the metal to lose or gain the electron is expressed in terms of Electrode Potential. It is written as E and is expressed in volts.

2. When the metal lose the electron, the potential of electrode is known as oxidation Electrode potential \({ E }_{ ox }\) (volt) and when the electrode gains electron, the potential is known as Reduction Electrode Potential \({ E }_{ red }\) (volt).

3. When the metal is in contact with electrolyte with the unit activity i.e. one molar concentration and if the metal loses electron then the potential is known as Standard Oxidation Electrode potential and represented as \({ E }_{ ox }^{ 0 }\). Similarly Standard reduction potential is represented as \({ E }_{ red }^{ 0 }\).