By Sunil Bhardwaj


#Natural RadioactivityArtificial Radioactivity
1The phenomenon is shown by elements with high atomic no.and high mass no.The phenomenon is shown by elements having low at-no and low atomic mass no.
2Radio active series exist.Radio active series do not exist.
3The emissions are (alpha), (eta) and (gamma). The emissions are either the positron ((eta)+) or electron ((eta)-)
4It is spontaneous phenomenon. Therefore no need of bombardment of projectiles.Here the bombardment of projectile is must.
5K-electron capture is not observed.K-electron capture is observed.
6It is difficult to control.It can be easily controlled.
7The phenomenon is found in natural elements.The phenomenon is shown by man made elements.
8Large amount of energy is released. Energised particles are to be used.