What is an Advertisement?

Leena Satuluri

A Public Notice offering or asking for services, purchase or selling of property/goods, offering job opportunities, providing information about missing people or lost pets/things.

Advertisement is a marketing strategy. Companies place advertisements in order to attract customers and increase their sales. In addition to this, it is also used to notify the public about availability of services, goods, jobs, flats/houses for sale and even information about missing people or lost pets/things.

There are three main types of Advertisements - Commercial, Social and Classified

While commercial advertisements ( the first picture) are aimed at luring the public into buying goods, attracting prospective students into institutions or even job opportunities, Classified advertisements are often specific and economical too ( in terms of words and cost too). The second picture is a Social advertisement. The purpose of such ad is to educate the public and bring in a reform. Look at the examples under classified columns of a newspaper shown in this slide. Phrases are used instead of complete sentences while conveying the complete information.

Format - Simple, No designs, blocks
Language - Simple, formal, to the point, use phrases
Short, comprehensive but important matter shouldn’t be left out.
Confine to word limit of 50 words

Format - 1 mark
Content - 2 marks
Expression -1 mark

Suggested value points: Heading (state category) - all necessary details in points - contact address, name, and telephone number (Credit will be given for the economy of words used)

These are the kinds of advertisements that we often find in the classified columns of a newspaper. Read the advertisement given in this slide

Situation VacantRequired programmer for a leading IT company in Vijayawada. Candidates with relevant qualifications and knowledge of python may apply. Send in your resume to infotech.it@gmail.com. For further queries, contact – 9004040800

Assignment: You want to sell your newly built flat. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words to placed in ‘The Hindu’ under classified column giving necessary details. You are Shekhar, 24B, Ashok Nagar

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