What is Notice Writing?

Leena Satuluri

Very often, students get confused between Advertisements and Notice Writing. While advertisement is kind of notice for the general audience and is usually published in Newspapers or Magazines. Notice is meant for a targeted audience used by institutions or companies. It can be a printed one or a handwritten one.

Format is very important in order to write a notice. You need to take care of the alignment also. Begin with the name of the organization in the centre. Leave a line and write the word ‘NOTICE’ in capital. Next, mention the title. All the three in the centre. On the left hand corner, you need to mention date in the given format. Many students address the notice to someone ...like Dear Madam etc, which shouldn’t be done. Use formal language and avoid personal pronouns. Once the content is written, the signature of issuing authority must be there along with name and designation.

Your language must be simple and direct. The information should be precise. Take care not exceed the world limit. It can be a plus or minus three to four words. Important facts such as date, time of the event must be rechecked.

Since people read the notice put up on the bulletin board, it has to be precise and clear. Observe the notice shown. There are few mistakes. The word ‘Notice’ is written on the top. ‘Interested students’ …is wrong. Use ‘Students interested’. Instead of using both the names given in the question, use only one name. boarding – b must be small letter.

This is a sample notice. Read it carefully and prepare a question for it.

I hope you have understood how to write Notice and hope you will score 4/4 in every test.

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