Acid Rain

Sunil Bhardwaj

okay now let's discuss about the acid rain acid rain refers to the conditions in which natural precipitation becomes acidic after reacting chemically with pollutant in the air so the rain coming from the air from the clouds is becoming acidic in nature and that's what is called as acid rain

so what happens when we are producing a large amount of gases like sulphur dioxide like nitrogen oxides they reacts with the water vapor and they convert themselves into sulfuric acid and nitric acid is as it is dissolved in the rainwater when it comes in the ground on the ground in the form of a acid rain

which is not good for the atmosphere for the ecosystem so that is acid rain

what are the main causes of acid rain burning of the fuel as well as the use of nuclear weapon leading to the evolution of a large amount of sulfur dioxide so any kind of burning nuclear using of nuclear weapons and other things they produces large amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide which gets converted into sulfuric acid and nitric acid respectively

what is the adverse effect of acid rain it reduces the population of aquatic by aquatic system it also damages the test terrestrial ecosystem it damages the buildings and construction materials it corrodes them it also affects the human beings so these are some of the effects you

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