Sustainable Development

Sunil Bhardwaj

sustainable development so first question comes in mind what is sustainable development sustainable development can be defined as between the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need sustainable development is the effective use of resources for economic development while preserving the environment and ecosystem so that not only the needs of present are fulfilled but also for the future generations sustainable development also interlinks the development and carrying capacity of environment and ecosystem so what are the measures of sustainable development first of all we should use appropriate technologies a prepared appropriate means that technology does not harm our nature or our environment next is three our approach reduce reuse and recycle reduce we have to reduce the excess uses of the natural resources while reuse is we have to use them again and again and again while resetting is converting waste material into again raw product then there is promoting environmental education or awareness then there is population stabilization we should think of something we should think of working on published establishment so that our natural resources are quite suitable for the command of population then conservation of non-renewable energy sources that means we have to save non-renewable energy sources and we have to adopt some methods to use renewable energy sources so how to achieve this sustainable development first answer for this is reduce the dependencies on heavy metals and fossil fuels such as coal oil and natural gasses in India in in their worst finish dinner gee consumption was about % dependent on fossil fuels so we have to reduce this amount and we have to increase our dependence dependencies on on renewable energy sources second thing is that we can reduce our dependencies on synthetic chemicals these synthetic chemicals are also formed from petroleum products because petroleum products contains a lot of simple hydrocarbons which can be converted into more or sophisticated synthetic chemicals we can adopt some of the organic methods or natural methods such as some of the cosmetics which are available naturally as well as some of the medicines like Ayurveda and other things which are also natural medicines and then also these type of chemicals they are harmful for our environment so we should reduce its uses we have to reduce our destruction of nature including cleaning of the forest as well as natural habitats for human needs as you all know that as the human population is growing very rapidly we need more land more space for this population but we should reduce our destruction of the nature sustainable development does not means that we should only talk about the environmental protection it is the compromise between the economic development and environmental protection so it is actually the balance between environmental and economic sustainability there are many many uses of the waste materials and we can try to recycle them and reuse them as many as product as made products and resources of Cybil there are many uses such as decorative constructive as well as innovative ideas so where we can recycle and reuse our waste products also we should take we should make more Goods that last longer its lifespan is little higher and also they are easy to recycle as well as repair we have to increase our dependencies on renewable energy sources like solar energy wind energy hydro energy bioenergy and geothermal energy also biodiversity is very important factor of our environment and our nature so we should try to protect them with the their vital habitats of the world species this is the graph of full population growth we show there is very small increase before but after that there is an increase which is really a dangerous situation so we have to think of something so that we can stabilize our population growth so now what are the problems for obtaining sustainable developments the first problem is that there is always this agreement between two stakeholders or two parties for who countries know each stakeholder has different priorities and hence it is extremely difficult for all to agree upon common goals of sustainability uncertainty there is always uncertainty regarding different global environmental issues and the manner in which they interact with global system so this is also one factor then there is consumption and lifestyle people don't want to change their lifestyle and this is also again problem in achieving sustainable development and finally the arguments over causes and responsibilities people don't want to take responsibility of what is happening in the global scenario so they keep on argument keep on arguing with each other and this is the one of the problem for achieving sustainable development

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