Food Resources

Sunil Bhardwaj

so our next topic is food resources for the definition of the food any substance that is ingested and is utilized by the body for growth and substance of life is called as food in other words natural or artificial produced material which are used as food to derive metabolic energy are called food resources and what are the main metabolic energy requirement for ultimate source for the metabolic energy for growth body repair body heat balance and daily activity foods are divided into three parts agriculture crop livestock food and fishes whatever things we are getting from the plants they are considered into agricultural crops while whatever things we are getting in the livestock food they are kept in the in we are getting from the animals and that is kept in the livestock force and the fishes are in a separate category so and what the major sources of the food first of all cropland cropland gives about seventy six percent of the food wild range land that means animals they produce around seventeen percent of the food and so young person for the fisheries we are having work is facing a lot of food problems and what are these food problems in efficient production secondly lack of irrigation facilities under nutrition and malnutrition holding and black-marketing improper agriculture practices these are some of the world food problems and what are the factors that causes the food problems first of all geographical geographical conditions and lack of rainfall because of this we are not getting enough production secondly population growth as the population is growing too may with the very high speed so to produce the food for this growing population is very difficult inadequate distribution system the proper distribution system is also available then there is poor quality of soil social disruption and terrorism the natural hazards like flood brought earthquake etc because these four problems change is caused by agriculture and over grazing first of all water that means changes caused by the agriculture effect of short-sighted schemes government has implemented a lot of short-sighted schemes which has made which maximizes the yield of the crop but at the same time it reduces the reduces the production of a production quality of the soil widespread irrigation led to the spread of mosquitoes irrigation increases the Moscato also and other insects also widespread use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides has polluted soil and water intensive agriculture has just showed farmers traditional knowledge about cross cultivation practices living many permanently in indepted to rural and agricultural banks farmers throughout the world are at the disposal of the multinational seed companies increasing number of farmer suicides across India effect of chemical fertilizers what happens with the chemical fertilizer first of all loss of soil fertility and degradation of soil quality they create nitrate pollutions and groundwater excess use of fertilizer causes eutrophication effect of chemical pesticides most pesticides keep many non targeted organisms as well pesticides adversely affect harmless species such as frogs snakes earthworms and birds there is an increase in the resistance to pesticides in insects pathogens weeds etc because of indiscriminate use pesticides from agricultural land run down with rainwater and enters local streams or lake pesticides adverts adversely affect the health of farmer also by a magnification the magnified level of toxins then enters the human body and causes serious damage excessive use of pesticide causes air water and soil pollution water logging and salinity generally a combination of water on land for longer period is known as water clogging water logging causes moisture and percolates down which dissolves the underground salt in it these salts emerge on the surface of the land after the water is evaporated this leads to salinity in soil regions enriched with the Colonel's and dams for irrigation are more prone to water logging which increases the accumulation of salt in the waterlogged areas effect of water logging water logging causes denitrification it also gives the growth of microorganisms also growth of only a few species plants due to lack of insufficient nutrients in soil lack of oxygen in logging area and long-term logging reduces the aesthetic values also effect of over grossing first of all what is over grazing over grazing refers to the practice of grazing by a large livestock or cattles for a long period on a land without giving sufficient recovery time so that is when the cattle stay eat too much of the grasses that we call we call as over grazing a diminution of sensitive edible plant species and dominance of some species there will be only some species available and remaining edible species the plant animals will eat acceleration of soil erosion as well as decrease in soil fertility accumulation of a large quantity of animal waste and downstream water bodies causing problems of water pollution and electrification grazing animals sometimes bring seeds of weeds and pathogenic organisms which may often become harmful to the animals increase in reflectivity offline surface which in turn reduces the quantity of rain and thereby increases the chance of abroad and what are the sources of the fish we are having at least percent fishes from oceans and percent from the aquaculture while the freshwater fishing is only percent that means from River Lakes we are getting only percent of the fish about million people in developing countries depend on the fish as their main source of food so that was all about the food resources you

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