Energy Resources (5)

Sunil Bhardwaj

is ended by harnessing the energy of falling water hydropower plant first all power is generated by harnessing the energy of falling water the greater the difference in water level the more energy water power hydropower is a good alternate energy source because it is essentially unlimited outlook of hydropower the outlook is generally good for hydropower although there are a few tropics dams prevent the migration of phases and also prevents the natural flow of river causing sedimentation behind the dam so so it is generally we make the dam on the river and we block the water from the river and Allah we allow only a small stream of the water which passes with a very high velocity and moves the turbine this turbine generates the electricity so overall at the end the velocity of the water which is responsible for the production of energy and in this case the kinetic energy of the water is used to convert the converter into the electrical power so what are the advantages once the dam is built the energy is free no waste of pollution produced no waste or pollution much more reliable than the wind and solar power what can be stored above the dam ready to cope with peaks in demand electricity can be generated constantly and what are the disadvantages the dams are very expensive to build however many dams are also used for irrigation so building cost can be shared building a large dam will flood a very large area upstream causing problems for animals that used to live there finding a suitable site can be difficult the impact on residents and the environment may be unprecedented and acceptable also huge displacement high building cost and effect it affects ecosystem and affects the fish migration next is ocean or tidal energy it generates the electricity because of the motion moment in the oceans because of the tides occurrence so generation of electricity from moment of ocean tides and currents rising tides are trapped behind a dam then released on to turn a generator also some work on ocean boys that harnessed a moment of water to generate electricity these are another examples which can be installed under the water so what are the advantages generally good but tidal energy can only be used in areas where tides are of sufficient height high to warrant the electrical station a high cost may be associated offshore bears would need electrical transmission lines along the ocean floor which is also costly disadvantages is a huge displacement high building cost and it also effects the fish migration and the last one is the biomass energy this is the energy which comes from the organic matter so the material contained in the bodies of plant and animals is called biomass probably the first source of energy for man this energy is renewable and abundant also includes the burning of urban waste that is trash to steam plant it also includes the municipal solid waste human and animal manure then wood waste then energy crops the mainly organic matter that can be directly burned as the fuel can also be considered as biomass energy one of the most important renewable energy source biomass fuel is of three types solid liquid and gases natural vegetations animal waste agriculture residues are all can be considered as biomass energy wood and biofuels are also there and then combini combustion produces fewer pollutions pollutants so there are would then rubbish alcoholic fuels crops and landfill would as everybody knows can be used for burning and things rubbish or waste material can also be born to produce the energy alcoholic filter our alcohol is considered as a very good fuel because nowadays people are also using alcohol for their vehicles also there are vehicles running on alcohol are available in the market so alcohol can also be used alcohol can be produced by the fermentation of the of some of the crops so that can be regenerated another crops like energy crops like anzi tropi and other things can be used to produce the biodiesel these mmm these plants they produce oil which is similar to diesel and that's why it is called as pyro diesel and what is the landfill gas when they're on the landfill when the rubbish or everything goes for the decomposition it emits some kind of gases which is R in in rich in methane and this gas can also be used as a fuel or energy source so these are the examples of biomass energy so what are the outlook biomass fuel will continue to be a large part of the alternate energy source however environmental digression can and will occur if the biomass is not harvested in a renewable manner and what are the advantages it can be used for cooking and lightening purposes it can be used for operating small engines and pumping for pumping water waste can be used as excellent fertilizers and can be used for running machines light resistors straw and choppers etc so finally it can be used for smaller machines as fuel for boiler engines etc what are the disadvantages burning biomass may causes pollution especially air pollution and leaves ash behind the ash can be very toxic also these are overall disadvantage and this all about the energy energetic recovery how can we reduce the uses of energy or reduce the excess users of energy first of all reduce coal-fired power plants then reduced airborne foreign particles like NO x or carbon dioxide improved air quality slow climate change longer availability of crude oil Radek reduction of waste volume by up to % and lower fuel bills on transportation and that's all about the energy resources you

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