Introduction to Environmental Studies

Sunil Bhardwaj

unit introduction and naturally the cells what do you mean by environment environment is what surrounds us there is a common normal there is a proper definition also it is the sum total of all social economical biological physical and chemical factors which constitute the surroundings of women who are for the creator and modeler of the and one environment is divided into two parts natural environment and anthropogenic in one natural environment which exists naturally like a water toy land forests etc and anthropogenic environment which are man-made or alteration of the natural environment to serve a specific use by the human beings for example agricultural field gardens and equipage apart now all these environments are consists of two basic components they are biotic component and herbal tea company biotic components are the living components of such a system like microbes plants animals etc our body components are nonliving components like a water soil prawns biotic components are again divided into two parts Auto Brokers which are producers they produce their own food like green plants and bacteria after prefers they are consumers they depend on auto profit component of them but author and worm like animals fungus etc these are the examples of biotic components like animals plants singing creatures microorganisms trees and making water these are examples of our body components like air water soil etc now what are the segments of Anwar environment is a very big thing and it is divided into different segments this will study the n so main components are main segments are lithosphere hydrosphere atmosphere and thirstier lithosphere is related to all the solid materials which includes crust mantle coat and all other solid materials are lebanon hydrosphere is related to the water water that means all the things related to ocean c work will be included in hydrosphere and atmosphere is related to the gaseous state so it extends up to kilometer from the surface of the earth and it consists of all the gases and finally biosphere which which is the segment of all living organisms doing all the things now environmental studies are divided into four parts where we are going to study the programs and then one little studies is myrtle nature's full of environmental sciences and importance of analytic studies so first of all programs there are three main major program programs like environmental studies and on design and environmental engineering and one tell study is the broad interesting field of study which studies the interaction of human being which is in one it's the interaction of human being with the environment secondly elemental science it is the science behind each and every environmental process it is basic science behind the environmental process this can be physical chemical or biological sciences or unity and environmental engineering is ability to the applied part of that environment where we will study the science and engineering principles to improve our quality of and he'll be living conditions now multi-display nature of the environmental science as the environmental science consists of a lot a very big field of environment which can be related to any other branch of the science engineering or anything that's why it is multidisciplinary subject and we need to be all the now scope of environmental studies when you study in or mental studies when we are taking a course of environmental studies then there are a lot of scopes in industry research and development social development environmental journalism and one in the list green arrow case in green marketing pollution control environmental management and many more things other now what are the importance of environmental study the main basic important is to get the basic knowledge of our n and to understand current environmental problems which help us to maintain the ecological balance and get sustainable development we will be educating people regarding their duties towards environment to help the environmental management and to protect our biodiversity there are so many more importance of canonical studies now equal of what is ecology and how it differs from my the term ecology is derived from the big word of ecology which is the meaning of apology is place to live that means ecology is concerned only about the place where a live organism is living so it can be physical biological or social social insular cultural adaptations the proper definition for the ecology is the branch of science that deals with the scientific study of the interrelationship between living organism with respect to each other and to their Sarang there are three main points to study in ecology first is the object a of the ecology so what are the main of difference of the ecology is to understand to know about the local M geographical distribution and abundance of organics also to record the temporal changes in the occurrence abundance and activities of organisms also to understand the interrelationship given organism in population and information also this will help us to understand the behavior of organisms under naturally producing we will also understand the biological product you know the common terms means ecology which are the militants use so as it is defined or try to explain the things first is the species species is a single kind of living organisms singly kind of living organism when the species start living in group it becomes community it becomes community and a group of communities different communities becomes populations where these populations are living it's called as advocates and all this system including population advocate and vegetation forms biomes vegetations are the only part of the biome which is involved with only plant materials or plant related studies and biomes are also divided into two parts where all the living material of the biome is known as biomass while the nonliving nonliving part of the boils up called as standing States standing States are inorganic substance and the factor or the external force or the energy involved in all the processes of the biomes is called as factors now the classification of ecology classification is based on different types of the different different methods so based on the taxonomic affinity they are classified into two parts plant ecology and animal ecology and on based on the habitate where the Glebe is divided into different parts like fresh water ecology and ecology desert ecology River ecology etc and based on the level of organization they are divided into two parts a topology and sin ecology The Prodigy means the living organisms which new independently individually and sin ecology the individuals of the species which live in groups of augment or net organisms proof again now the interrelationship between the ecology environment and ecosystem environment as I already told you is the all X around ecology is the specific study of the interaction between the party and ism and its environment or its living advocate so ecological concern with only with the organisms as well as its living habited whereas ecosystem is the actual flow of energy and the cycling of nutrients around around all surrounds what is the what is the relationship between man and the world there is a really quick so the man uses our environment for his different purposes but also man means modifies his environment as required and also man can adopt two different and so there is a exchangeable or there is little relationship between man and women for example the man can adopt to live in different conditions situations like in desert like in islands like in grasslands and so many places also man can modify their environment as per their requirement they can cut the forest and make the fields as per the requirement to grow the food or but what are the mean factors affecting the man environment relationship there are main four factors which are affecting the man environment relationship first is growing human population as the population is growing we need more and more resources or naturalization so we modify our environment as mean as we need more resources so this is one of the factor which changes the behavior of human beings towards the net one another is economic development everybody wants some kind of economic development and for getting that economic development we modify our environment we change a lot of things in our work so that is also responsible for man and women relationship next is the consumption of the natural resources every field every environment is having fixed amount of natural resources when they are consumed completely the behaviour of man towards environment changes and he tries to find a new or new so resources and finally health resorts if there are some environments which are not good for the living the man will change try to change that environment as birth is habakkuk so this is also responsible factor about affecting them and environment

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