Sunil Bhardwaj

deforestation causes and its effect so what is deforestation the permanent destruction of forests is called deforestation that means once the forest is destroyed it will not regenerate or regrow so that is a permanent destruction of forests is called deforestation first are exploited since early times of humans to make the human demands what are the causes of deforestation first one is encroachment of forest land for agriculture purpose our agricultural lands are expanding day by day and they are getting land from the forest only so the expansion of Agriculture reduces the forest so that is one of the major sources of the deforestation or causes of the deforestation second this construction of dams canals and highways all kind of construction needs some lines once the dam is built the the forest or the accumulation of water covers moving a very big area and that area can be a forest also so this also destroys the forest establishment of industry area we have established a bleaching a lot of industry areas in different different zones and all this land for these industries are coming from the forest itself demand for firewood increasing demand of food as a fuels will increase the pressure on the forest because all the wood is available from the forest only expansion of cities as our cities are growing we need more land and these lands are coming from the forest mining mining causes deforestation of a very huge amount big area and this area gets destroyed because of the mining and we are losing a lot of forests because of the mining shifting cultivation shifting cultivation is something like which was really popular in north south of America where people use to clean the forest for their purposes like agriculture and other things and once the forest is used completely once the land is used completely it remains as unfertile land so they move to different place and they gain a new place from the forest to further for they use so this type of cultivation is known as shifting cultivation where they are using one land for several years and after that it remains as a barren land and then they move to different place for their cultivation so that is shifting cultivation forest fire forest fire is also responsible for damaging damaging a lot a large amount of forest or it is a kind of deforestation effect of deforestation deforestation there are many adverse effect of the deforestation and some of them are like soil erosion because forests or trees from the forest they can hold the land and they can avoid the soil erosion so in after deforestation soil erosion is very very possible so they can be the effect of deforestation in soil erosion next is the expansion of desert that means if there are no forests the expansion of desert is quite possible because wind strong wind can take the dust a rock or this other sand from the desert to the to the fertile lands and they can cover that land also so it is expanding the deserts decreasing rainfall because forests they can evaporate a lot of water moisture and will increase in the rainfall but if there are no forests then it will decrease the rainfall loss of fertile land fertile land needs some water or rainfall for the growth of the vegetations so with the without forest it will not be possible so it is also increase in losses the V also loses the fertile land then a second climate deforestation includes climate global climate change climate becomes warmer due to lack of humidity in deforested area a lowering of water table if there is less water falls then again the ground water reservoir will dry up economic losses like deforestation will cause losses of industrial timber and non-timber and other edible products also loss of biodiversity there will if there are no forests then all the plants and animals which are living inside the forest they will die and it will create gloss in the biodiversity environmental changes it will also lead to increase in carbon dioxide concentration and finally to the global warming so climate will change so how to control the deforestation first of all we must avoid the mining activities it should be prohibited cutting of trees should be followed by a massive plantation we must plant so many trees strict environmental laws should be imposed and forest extension should be carried out and finally public awareness regarding medicinal environmental and economical significance as of the first you

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