Energy Resources (4)

Sunil Bhardwaj

okay so now let's talk about the wind power when power uses the wind energy to generate the electricity so when the wind moves the blades of the turbine moves and finally the turbine which is moving can generate electricity it is also free energy but needs to be in an area that has constant wind with enough velocity to world placing of the wind way best used in particularly site with a good steady supply of the wind these are some of the new technologies which can be used at a very high level more than ameters above the ground surface where the wind speed is constant as well as very high so this can also be used major distribution or the major wind power plants installed in India are mainly all we are having the highest wind power plant installed in Tamil Nadu which is having around seven thousand two hundred megawatts of wind mills are installed and then it comes to the Gujarat where three thousand megawatts and then there are many more places where we have installed so many of windmills next at one what are the advantages wind is also a free form wind is also free wind forms also it does not need any kind of field it produces no waste or greenhouse gases the land beneath the windmill can be used for the farming for other things because in case of solar energy we can we cannot use the land so in this case the advantage is that we can use the land wind forms can be a tourist attraction also a good method of supply of energy to remote areas and what are the disadvantages first disadvantage is the unpredictable wind because the wind is not always same so suitable areas for wind forms are often near the coast of course means where the land is also expensive it is also noisy and can we can interfere with the migration pattern of the birds so what is a hydropower plant power is generated by harnessing the energy of falling water you

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