Air Pollution

Sunil Bhardwaj

very high temperature is very high and in from you see in the Anna and can be done increased amount of negative sorties volcano when world and aro then amount of acid as well as alpha process we are atomic sources like regular emissions or industries which are also policing sulfadiazine seven others the major problem will be in serving as again as I told you perfect eyesight can combine with a water it for me sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid there is the marble acid but this reaction is happening in the atmosphere which can also be done in a small and we have in my bunny so to react like what women react we can do the same reaction in a bottle and we can produce one extra product so Baja chemical singing solo para reaction price so we will have X suppose of an atmosphere is also pleased that is the one possibility where we can produce sulfuric acid in with the our apparent of the service gases can produce sulfuric acid on aggregate into the making of gases you can see these are some promises they can as well for that is as I said I am NOT a university I can be because of the high oxide or not in the chamber in that chamber so that is known as suspended particulate matter or SPM strumming fpm or suspended particulate matter they are smaller particles are more dangerous because they cannot be filtered and they can easily inside our lung and they can the best way is to change your habit that is not the best of any because it is assumed moving the particles in the atmosphere whatever is settled in the night you are again sweeping it in the atmosphere it is not visible but then also you are doing the same thing so how can we clean our house use of that container is advisable vacuum cleaners a lot of fire because of the change that means they can in the atmosphere if there is high amount of andother in the atmosphere this type of search is a screen in the Strand so we can imagine you can see he because of that so these are also new on the surface of the art but this is destroyed by which coming to us PRC or chlorofluorocarbon then it is destroyed then using radiations can easily pass for every component surface of the earth and they can cause skin cancer disease can easily pass so that is ozone layer depletion

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