Green house Effect and Global Warming

Sunil Bhardwaj

if you like my video please click on the like button and for more videos please subscribe to my channel on youtube so our next topic is global climate change and in this case there are three things one is greenhouse effect and global warming second is acid rain and third is ozone layer depletion so as for the greenhouse effect let's discuss about this process first of all in the natural environment solar radiation from the Sun is coming to the Earth's surface which is reflected back and going back into the space it it escapes from the surface of the earth and moves into the space but in the presence of large concentration of carbon dioxide methane and to the solar radiation coming from the Sun is trapped into the atmosphere and it is not allowed to leave the surface and that's why the temperature of the surface of the earth increases this process known as greenhouse effect and the gas is responsible for this are known as greenhouse gases and the rise in temperature in is known as the global warming's so which other gas is responsible for the global warming these are mainly carbon dioxide methane nitrous oxide chlorofluorocarbon and what other activity is responsible for the emission of these gases first of all fossil fuel-burning if you burning anything you are producing carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide so these are greenhouse gases industrial process emits a large amount of carbon dioxide and other gases so there also deforestation increases the percentage of carbon dioxide livestock also emits the carbon dioxide and other gases biomass burning if you are burning anything it will produce carbon dioxide and coal mining also liberate s-- large amount of carbon dioxide what is the effect of these things first of all there is climate change all the climate is changing all the seasons are now different and there affected by these gases and these emissions secondly the rise in sea level as the temperature of the earth increases there is melting of the ice caps and this increases the level of sea agriculture production it goes decreasing there will be more chances of storms and and other things then adverse effect on human health then loss of ecosystem and biodiversity these are some of the effects of this global climate change effect of carbon dioxide increases air and the Earth's surface may grow warmer it will increase the warmest the temperature of the earth surface this the stratosphere may become the cooler the other part of the surface of the earth becomes cooler temperature and temperate and polar regions may become warmer leading to the radiate reduction in the ice over the Earth's surface so it will decrease the ice cap also rainfall may be higher than what it is present in the temperate region and the greater amount of evaporation due to the excess want so how can we control this reduction in the use of fossil fuel first of all we have to reduce the uses of fossil fuels shifted to the renewable energy sources may decrease the greenhouse gas emission then increase increasing the use of energy efficient and cleaner production technologies and devices also reducing deforestation adopting better forest management practices and understanding our forest raishin to a better to reduce the carbon so that was all about the greenhouse effect you

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