Ozone Layer Depletion

Sunil Bhardwaj

if you like my video please click on the like button and for more videos please subscribe to my channel on youtube and the last one is ozone layer depletion ozone layer is available on the stratosphere which is helping us to prevent from the very dangerous UV rays rays from coming from the Sun so the decrease in the concentration of ozone in stratosphere is known as ozone layer depletion and the main thing main gases which is responsible for the ozone layer depletion is chlorofluorocarbon so what is chlorofluorocarbon it is a material which is used as a coolant in the compressors of the refrigerators and air conditioner it is also used to clean the electronic circuit boards used in computers telephones etc it is also used in manufacturing of the forms for the matrices and cushions disposable styrofoam cups packaging materials and cold storage etc so what is ozone hole the thinning of the ozone layer or reduction in the concentration of the ozone especially over the area of antarctica continent is known as the ozone hole which covers approximately million square kilometers of this hole and what are the main sitting basic mechanism of the ozone layer depletion first of all formation of ozone oxygen in presence of new mill and gets converted into reactive oxygen which reacts again with the oxygen forming oh which is whole similarly CFC breaks into you in light and produces a reactive chlorine this will have two chlorine reacts with the react to oxygen forming CL o this CLO can form a diverse timer when breaks down it produces chlorine and oxygen so chlorine is converting reactive oxygen again back into oxygen and not allowing to form ozone so this is the mechanism of formation of ozone depletion layer so what are the effect of ozone layer deflation it damages the damages to land and plant and other lives it also decreases the community it decreases the population of aquatic community it increases the rate of skin diseases and cancels in human beings because of the UV radiation there are more chances of skin diseases disturbs the climate pattern also it corrodes the material so how can we control this first of all reduce the uses of CFC avoid even evolving of substituent's of CFC and we can use instead of CFC we can use hydrochloric fluorocarbon which is eco-friendly coolant so these are some of the alternatives for CFC you

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