Soil Pollution

Sunil Bhardwaj

if you like my videos please click on the like button and share it with your friends also subscribe for the new videos okay so the next topic is soil pollution first of all any change in the physical chemical and biological property of soil due to natural or anthropogenic activities is known as soil pollution so if there is any kind of change on the soil which is affecting its properties like physical chemical or biological properties then it can be considered as soil pollution and the major soil pollutants are heavy metals chemical waste pesticides fertilizers and agricultural products lead cadmium as well as radioactive waste these are some of the sources of natural sources of the soil pollution which includes earthquake landslides cyclone floods etcetera some of the man-made causes includes the industrial wastes like toxic flammable and non flammable non biodegradable substances then there are mining activities which also produces large of pollutions and then urbanization also there are radioactive waste which is dumped on the count so that is also one of the pollutant for the soil pollution then there are domestic waste and garbages which we are throwing on a daily basis so these are some of the domestic waste and then finally agricultural waste the that will be the waste coming from the agriculture products and what are the effects of soil pollution it reduces the fertility of the soil secondly it causes an increase in the number of mosquitoes and other insects flies and other many things which is which is the major cause of a need many deadly diseases this also reduces the aesthetic value of the land radioactive elements present in the polluted soil and as human bodies and cash causes a number of adverse effect on the health like cancers like bone problems with the bones and etc other things so there are so many things like that so how can we control the soil pollution or how can we treat this soil pollution treatment of industrial wastes before being disposed first of all we need to do the treatment of the industrial wastes before letting them go into the soil secondly the guy which from the urban waste should be segregated into biodegradable as well as non-perishable waste products and all the non biodegradable materials should be recycled or tried to be recycled and reused well biodegradable material can be used for making compost and other things planting of more and more trees should be encouraged then reduction in the amount of radioactive material should be used it should be used less than less and a reduction in the use of the chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides solid waste can also be used to generate the electricity thank you for more study materials like learning materials like MCQs like other question answers and problems related to your coursework please visit admirals dot DK you

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