Solid Waste Management

Sunil Bhardwaj

if you like my videos please click on the like button and share it with your friends also subscribe for the new videos so our next topic is solid waste management solid waste includes generally solid waste are the materials which we are throwing from our domestic uses it includes trash garbage is metal scraps etcetera which arises from the daily human activities and which is normally discarded as useless or unwanted material so it is going at to the towards the land pollution in urban as well as industry areas there are three terms one is garbage rubbish and refuse in case of solid waste management so garbage may refer to the any material any solid waste which may contains organic matter or contains the biodegradable or decomposable materials and what about rubbish rubbish is the material solid material solid waste material which may include all the non biodegradable material or noncom compostable materials so for example like wood rubber then plastic then leather paper etc and refuse means it means all whatever we have refused to use so it concludes both decomposing as well as not not decomposing material so it will include both of them like garbage as well as rubbish so what is solid waste management it is the management of the daily waste daily solid waste discarded from the human beings or anybody who is not using any of these things and this includes mainly three steps one is collection second is transportation and third is disposal so in terms of collection first of all the ways of collections there are many ways of collection collecting solid waste first is the use of large number of dust bins we must implement implant a large number of dust bins all across the city and then there are some of the door-to-door collection facilities are also available and then finally there are some rag pickers who generally collects the usable material from the from the dumping grounds and everywhere what about transportation for transportation we need highly equipped trucks for the transportation then there are many workers who work on these things but it is important for the safety of the workers that they should use the handlers as well as the masks because it is a hazardous way of use of doing the work and finally the disposal there are several ways of disposing this solid waste management solid waste and one of them is open dumping open dumping means if you find some open place you can dump it dump it over there so that is called as the open dumping which is not really good for the society then second comes with the landfill landfill are the areas which are given by the government and where all the garbage from the from the city is dumped across there so that is landfill and the third one is the ocean dumping ocean dumping means generally we pack the materials pack the solid waste in the proper way and Dam paint into the ocean which is also not good because it affects the aquatic life there are many more ways of reducing the solid waste so one of them is incineration incineration means we can burn the solid waste and then we can produce energy or heat out of that but it also produces the carbon dioxide as a pollutant over there next is composting composting means all the biodegradable materials can be converted into compost which can be used as a fertilizers in agriculture and anywhere and the last one is reduction at source reduction at source that means we should reduce the making of solid waste so it should not be generated too much we should not generate too much of the solid waste next is five R of the solid waste management and these are refuse reduce reuse repair and recycle so first of all we need to refuse the uses of non-medical materials then if it is necessary we must reduce the uses and if and if there is still some uses then we we must go for the reusing same thing again and again and once it is broken we can go for the repair and when it is of no use then we can go for the recycling so there are five hours of solid waste management so at the end role of an individual that one person what a one person can do what can I do for the solid waste management so there are many more ways first go for the more plantation secondly use good quality of fuels for the automobiles then reduce the use of automobiles minimize the use of pesticides insecticides or fertilizers in agriculture use of water in proper and judicious manner then save electricity by using more natural renewable energy then use less non biodegradable so these are some of the ways by which we can help in preventing the soil pollution there are many more ways which we can also include here so which is available and that's all thank you for more study materials like learning materials like MCQs like other question answers and problems related to your coursework please visit admirals dot DK you

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